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It is an integral community conceived with a vision of love for the environment in which design, landscaping and architecture come together to re-establish a personal and deep connection with nature. A unique, magical place, created to inspire, to feel, to grow and to live memorable experiences every day.

You are about to invest in the safest state in Mexico.
The state of Yucatán is ranked as one of the best places to live in.

% Growth in the state's economy

MM people visited the state

ta. safest city in the world

st. place with the lowest incidence of crime
Privileged location
Master Plan
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, macro lot 3344 is owned by Grupo Komunah and is registered in the public registry of the legal and patrimonial security institute of Yucatan, by its acronym INSEJUPY.
En el momento de liquidar el precio de la operación y una vez efectuado la escritura definitiva de compraventa se entregará el terreno y desde es momento se podrá construir.
Nuestro método de financiamiento es interno, es decir, el crédito es otorgado por la empresa directamente por lo que no revisamos buró de crédito. Contamos con financiamientos desde 12 meses hasta 60 meses dependiendo del tipo de financiamiento que requiera.
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